About Linux Voice

Not all Linux magazines are the same

Linux Voice is a new independent GNU/Linux and Free Software magazine from the most experienced journalists in the business. It’s different in three key ways:

  • 50% of our profits will go back to the Free Software community, developers and events

  • Our content will be freely licensed (CC-BY-SA) after nine months, for the community to share

  • We are making this magazine for Linux users, and not to satisfy shareholders or middle managers

Linux Voice was originally funded by a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign that raised £127,000 from over 2,000 subscribers. Today we have over 2,500 subscribers, and our readers are loving the magazine.

Each month the magazine (print or digital) includes 114 pages of in-depth tutorials, features, reviews and interviews from a team with decades of experience. We are:

Graham Morrison is the former Editor of Linux Format magazine. He worked on the magazine for nine years after starting out as its staff writer in 2004. He also has a slight obsession with analogue synthesizers.


Andrew Gregory is the former Deputy Editor and Operations Editor of Linux Format. He dreamt up many of the ideas that went into the magazine, and also wrote tutorials, features and the news section.


Mike Saunders wrote for Linux Format for over 150 issues, and also worked as the New Media and Communities Editor. He’s a passionate Free Software developer (having spent many years leading the MikeOS project) and still plays Frontier.


Ben Everard worked on Linux Format for two years, writing features, reviews and tutorials, and creating the software-packed DVD that came with the mag. He has helped to spread Free Software in the developing world.


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All content © Linux Voice™. All rights reserved. Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries. Linux Voice is a limited company registered in England No. 08761140

18 thoughts on “About Linux Voice

  1. LOL, I wonder what the guys al Linux Format are thingking right about now!!

    I used to have an LFX subscription, and I’m now looking forward to your mag

  2. This a great magazine for us linux and open source users. The magazine features on free software,codeing,reviews and a great feature on crowdfunding,tutorials. This could take month to read this magazine.
    Good Luck Colin Cundy

  3. Nigel D Chapman

    Many thanks for the new magazine.
    I appreciated PCBSD10 ISO as have “Isotope” 9 at home. Also review of Mageia 4 is very interesting (still use Mandriva SF2007!). Often run Haiku and ReactOS in Qemu emulator so many features noteworthy and relevant.
    Keep up the good work!
    Nigel D Chapman

  4. Nigel D Chapman

    Sorry chaps!
    Flavour of BSD on disk is Free10 not PC10.
    Look forward to burning ISO and booting to xfce (older versions sampled were server-only on my old PCs)
    Many thanks again.
    Nigel D Chapman
    ps Graham – any chance of Mageia 4 on cover disk sometime in future??

  5. I would love to subscribe, but I can’t make your shop work. When I select the “cart” button, it takes me to which is a blank.


  6. Well done – all fixed and working today. I can now go away for the next month and not worry about missing #2.

  7. Brilliant first issue!! Let our Linux voices be heard!

    One observation, white text in the lighter green text boxes without embiggening (is that a real word) it is very difficult to read on a tablet. Just a thought.

    Eagerly awaiting next issue. Cheers!

  8. Graham Morrison

    Graham – first, thanks for subscribing.

    At a certain point (I think it was Sunday for issue 2), we have to send a list of subscribers to our distributors for them to be able to post magazines. At that point, it’s too late to get new subscribers onto that distribution list, which is why we move the starting issue a new subscriber receives on to the next issue.

  9. Jean VISCONTE

    Congrats guys for this 2nd issue… 1st was promising and you already installed your own style that is just well balanced, clear and appealing.
    More embedded Linux in the future?



  10. [linu|uni]x newbie

    Had a brief look at the printed copy of the magazine at the kiosk today.
    Looks like a magazine for enthusiasts and experts!
    Will you be doing articles for beginners like me, or should we stick to Dummies books?

    1. Mike Saunders

      Hi! Yes, we do indeed have a lot of technical and advanced content in the mag, but we want to make sure that newcomers to Linux feel at home as well. So we have reviews, interviews and tutorials that should be accessible to everyone — eg the KDE guide in issue 2. Even if some things are over your head at the moment, it’s worth keeping the magazines, because as you progress their content will become more useful. Cheers!

  11. Hi Guys!

    Congrats! When single digital issues will be available for download and what will the price?


  12. Stumbled upon issue 2 today by accident on the shelves in Ireland and bought it straight away! -very very impressed, although please please don’t overdo the Pi!! Some features starring Debian Wheezy Gnome 3 would be great, it’s where I learned Linux. I’ve tried all the other distros but it’ll always be the roof over my head!.
    Can you tell me who will be distributing it in Ireland and what date does it hit the shelf for sale? Good luck with the publication

  13. Hi, if i wish to buy magazine using visa, do i have to pay anymore as i see i have to use pay pal on your site, thanks rob.


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