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Podcast Season 2 Episode 11


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Title: The Dark Wheel

In this episode: There are now 500 Linux games on Steam. Kim Dotcom is looking for a whistleblower. The Turing Test has been conquered, maybe, and the Krita project is looking for funds. We’ve got some finds, no neurons, and an excellent Voice of the Masses.

What’s in the show:

  • News:
  • Finds of the Fortnight:
    • Mike:
      • The effect of background noise on food perception.
      • Hiding files and directories starting with ‘.’ was never intended, according to Rob Pike.
    • Ben:
      • Xiki; the shell on steroids.
    • Andrew:
      • Mostly Harmless is sci-fi malarkey set in the universe of Elite and Frontier.
    • Graham:
      • ZNC is a wonderful, easy to install and modular IRC bouncer.
      • Don’t forget there’s a #linuxvoice channel on freenode.
  • Vocalise Your Neurons:
    • If you’d like your brains to be part of our next episode email
  • Voice of the Masses: Free Software vs open source – what do you use?

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Download the smaller yet even more awesome Opus file (18MB)

Duration: 52:19

Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

9 thoughts on “Podcast Season 2 Episode 11

  1. Ah, I was coming to correct the name of the Elite novella but I see you’ve already picked up on it! I think Mike might have been thinking of an old game called Dark Side. If memory serves, it was a 3D-polygon-based first person adventure. I think it was the one where you flew around with a jetpack.

    1. Mike Saunders

      Yes, Graham fixed it after the recording! I’m glad I got half of the name right at least… Or 66.6666% if we count “The” :-)

  2. Julien Bertozzi

    Libre does sounds good when you speak french :D
    So we don’t really have this problem, “logiciel libre” means free software as in freedom. Open-source is just open-source.

  3. christopher bragg

    How about the term: liberty-ware?
    liberTware, liberteaware, liberteeware, libertyware, etc…

  4. Organic_Rodent

    Why tie yourselves in knots trying to avoid saying “discovery”? Just cann the section “Discovery of the double week” ;-)

  5. I’m not sure there is a good word for “free” software.

    Perhaps instead we could call Windows software “mehware”.

    1. Mike Saunders

      Yes, I’ve seen some bad ones too recently. It seems that Google is using them to recognise house numbers now, rather than fix texts in book scanning. Maybe we need to consider an alternative…

  6. Pretty sure that the FSF don’t consider software that enables use of non-free software to be non-free. The ‘free’ status of software is not itself viral in the way the GPL is.


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