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Podcast Season 2 Episode 14


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Title: Live from The Wellington

In this episode: We’ve got lots of good news from various governmental institutions, including Valencia, Geneva, Toulouse and the United Kingdom. GOG now officially supports Linux. Tails is broken and Windows recalculates its market share. Plus, we’ve got some reasonable discoveries, no neurons and another exceptional Voice of the Masses.

Recorded live in The Wellington pub, Birmingham – over 18 real ales and some background noise.

(psst, you should still go to OggCamp!)

What’s in the show:

  • News:

      Governments and various public institutions around Europe are no longer paying the Microsoft tax, including schools in Valencia, Spain and Geneva, Switzerland and Toulouse counsel. The British Government has said ODF should be the open document format for collaboration, along with PDF/A for viewing. GOG has surprised us all by offering 50 titles complete with Linux support ahead of schedule. Has Tails has been broken? And Windows now has a %14 market share. Keep up the great work!

  • Finds of the Fortnight:
  • Vocalise Your Neurons:
    • Give your brains a northern accent by emailing them to

  • Voice of the Masses: What was your first Linux distro?

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Duration: 52:21

Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

17 thoughts on “Podcast Season 2 Episode 14

  1. You mentioned a graphics app called Critter (sp?) in the GfxTablet discussion. I see nothing called critter, kritter or qritter in the debian testing repos. Link please!

  2. About

    What they eventually decided in terms of support was to only support Ubuntu and Debian; where they support Linux, they provide debs. However they also provide tarballs for users of other distros to use at their own risk, as it were. It’s a fair enough compromise if you ask me.

    Also, they changed their name (during an ill-advised publicity stunt) to a few years ago to signify the fact that they also now sell new games, albeit generally indie ones. Any major indie release usually finds itself on GOG these days. So they aren’t exclusively about old games any more.

    Another lovely podcast as usual chaps, thank you very much! It’s always better when you’re all together.

  3. They sell major new release games too. Not just indie and old games as everyone keeps on saying.
    the main reason for purchasing games from is I prefer my software and games to be something i can keep forever. Not these purchase a lease agreement like what seems to be accepted by so many.

  4. I upgraded Mint the Ubuntu way despite the Mint warnings that it wasn’t safe. No issues. That being said. Andrew needs to switch to Manjaro. He’ll be a converted fanboy in no time.

    1. I’m going to try the in-place upgrade next time. I’m much more motivated to try with Mint now being based on the current Ubuntu LTS release.

  5. In the last six months they’ve released a grand total of two AAA games. They do sell them, yes, but it’s generally indie stuff, as I said.

  6. It’s great to see that .epub is coming along, but please don’t forget the .mobi format, i.e for the device that plainly don’t want to support .epub.

    I do find the PDF (and actual magazine) format to be too distracting to read (colours, pics, layouts, etc!), therefore, the promise of having Linux Voice in ebook form is the main reason I subscribed. The famous terrorists mag of choice have it in all possible formats, so why don’t you? :) I would put my ADD self at bay.

  7. Word can kind of opens odf formats, sometimes it doesnt like it if it comes from libreoffice.

  8. robert wilber

    How are you guys doing since the move from linux format? while looking for a linux podcast
    i found you guys. Is there a way for firefox to remember all my bookmarks when install a fresh penguin distro? Also, curious on the interlectual side what would be good reading beside your website, like helping me get the most out of my “Manjaro Linux”. Keep up the good work.

    1. If you’re just multibooting on the same machine, you might consider replacing the ~/.mozilla folder in your new distro with a softlink to the same folder in the distro with your bookmarks. (Rename the ~/.mozilla folder to ~/.mozilla.original or something.) That’s what I eventually did b/c firefox sync always acted screwy for me. It has worked perfectly so far. If the versions of firefox you’re using are too far apart in time, that might be a problem, but you can always just remove the symlink and restore the name of the original mozilla folder. I’m thinking of doing the same thing with Google-Chrome b/c I don’t want to help them harvest information any more than they already do.

    2. I would say as its an online internet way of reading books of all good tech publications :).
      Its free for a month as a trial. But does cost a bit for monthly or yearly subscriptions.
      Highly recommend it.
      Of course goes without saying that a subscription to Linux Voice is a must.


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