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We’ve hit the target!

Yes, it’s real. It’s going to happen. Linux Voice will become a reality, thanks to your contributions. We’ve just hit the £90,000 target, with still two weeks to go — and it’s all thanks to you. Your support, your enthusiasm, your word-spreading and your contributions have all made this possible. Andrew and Ben are attending events to talk about Linux Voice right at this second, but we’ll have a proper update when we get back together soon. So stay tuned, and thanks once again!

23 thoughts on “We’ve hit the target!

  1. Stephen Wheeler

    Well done guys, a truly exceptional achievement, and well done to all the contributors for making it happen.

    I hope you fully reap the rewards for having the courage of your convictions.

    This already feels like a vibrant community. Now we can look forward to having the magazine we want and the community deserves.

    Well done again. Now where's my magazine?

  2. Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to the first issue.
    Interesting to see how ththe level of doantions really picked up in the last week or so.

  3. Congrats!
    Happy for you guys, and happy that I'll get to read more of your positive articles and listen to your podcasts. Win-win!

    1. Thanks Jacob! Can’t wait for the dinner either… It’ll be in Bath, England, but you name a date and time and we’ll all get together. If you’re flying from the States, you may be able to book a flight from New York to Bristol (which is very close to Bath). Email me at to talk more!

  4. California Penguin

    I'll repeat my post from Nov 11, the day Linux Voice was announced and the campaign launched:

    Fantastic News! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning :-)

  5. Well done guys, or should I be congratulating us funders? Really anticipating what you're going to come up with. Hoping for a mag that rises up above the mass of other publications. More atention to FOSS in the "not so" developed world and the impact (or not) there, would be nice.

  6. Penguin Fiddler

    This is fantastic news.

    For a while I was wondering whether or not this would actually happen.

    Well done team and to everyone who helped to safeguard the magazine and podcast.



    1. Hmm, "Geiler Sieg" oder etwas ähnliches? Kann a bisserl Bairisch, aber Schweizerdeutsch überhaupt nicht :-)

  7. Great News!
    I've just done the calculation:
    There are 42 days to the campaign.
    As of 2013-12-10 you have £94795
    That gives a mean of £3268.79 per day
    With 13 days to go, the goal will reach £137289.31

    I hope this will be an underestimation!


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