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Issue 32


Issue 31


Issue 30


Issue 29


Issue 28


Issue 27

Discover Microsoft’s new “love” for Linux; explore the BBC’s Microbit gadget; learn about new browser technology from Mozilla; play music through Minecraft; and program in Rust.


Issue 26

Turbo-charge your desktop environment; discover the new OS from the Linux Foundation; run an online office suite; build an OpenStack cloud; and master your Raspberry Pi.


Issue 25

Set up a honeypot to trap hackers; explore the ELF executable file format; turn photos into 3D models with photogrammetry; add a HAT to your Raspberry Pi; and tame unruly CSS with SASS.


Issue 24

Encrypt all your data; find the best scripting language; discover the CHIP $9 computer; control your web traffic using the Squid proxy server; and clone machines by transmitting hard drive images over the network.


Issue 23

Build a Linux-powered smart home; discover what’s happening inside SUSE; explore super fast and lightweight web browsers; learn the black magic of ARM assembly; and write a cross-platform game using SVG.


Issue 22

Use Linux smarter with our mega tips compendium; learn about how codes of conflict are changing the FOSS world; build a quiz machine with your Raspberry Pi; and monitor your servers over Bluetooth.


Issue 21

Switch to 100% Free Software; explore the FSF-approved Libreboot X200 laptop; discover the internals of Android; create awesome games with Unity.


Issue 20

Explore the hottest Linux desktops, build your own distro with SUSE Studio, share files and folders with Syncthing, and scan barcodes with your Raspberry Pi.


Issue 19

Linux in the UK, OpenSUSE’s Build Service, Raspberry Pi-controlled cranes, KeePassX, WebAssembly, and the FSF’s John Sullivan.


Issue 18

Linux projects galore, Google’s Summer of Code, lightning fast web serving with Nginx, how to write LibreOffice macros, and stop your Android phone from spying on you.


Issue 17

Take back your privacy, understand how the Linux kernel works, play classic games on emulators, inside the OpenSUSE project and much more.


Issue 16

The most awesome distros, bare-metal assembly programming, location tracking, Docker, Neil McGovern and much more.


Issue 15

Hack the web, Raspberry Pi robots, Larry Wall, Node.js, encrypted hard drive volumes, and classic game console emulation.


Issue 14

Inside the Ubuntu phone, start your own Free Software project, explore cryptocurrencies, how the x86 architecture works, and the best NAS distros on test.


Issue 13

Everything you need to know about the Raspberry Pi 2, Bruce Schneier on “idiotic” government anti-encryption plans, and take back control of your smartphone with CyanogenMod.


Issue 12

Why 2015 is the best year yet for Linux, Lennart Poettering on Systemd and flamewars, get started with assembly language, inside the Electronic Frontier Foundtion, and build your own media center.


Issue 11

The history and future of Free Software, Asm.js explained, fun with the Linux Voice pub quiz, plus in-depth tutorials on penetration testing, backups with Deja Dup, and running Windows apps on Linux via Wine.


Issue 10

How Linux beats Windows 10, fix Grub problems, understand how Systemd works, master the i3 tiling window manager, and do cool stuff with your Raspberry Pi.


Issue 9

The 54 best Linux apps, Tim O’Reilly talks DRM and open data, inside the GNOME foundation, encrypted P2P communications with Tox, composing beautiful text with LaTeX, and building a mail server with Cyrus.


Issue 8

Build your own distro, learn how password crackers work, control your TV from your smartphone, and back up your data securely.


Issue 7

Find the perfect distro for you, overclock your Raspberry Pi, reverse engineer device drivers, and hear from the lead developer of Ubuntu’s Mir project.


Issue 6

Eight awesome Raspberry Pi projects, the future of KDE, a chat with Wayland developer Daniel Stone, the history of free software forks, and Slackware fun.


Issue 5

Explore the tricks of hackers/crackers, discover the awesomeness of NetHack, and learn how to compile software from source code with our in-depth guide.


Issue 4

Find the best Ubuntu re-spin, build a Raspberry Pi-powered Mars rover, and harden your servers.


Issue 3

Become a command line guru, search for comets with Python, and discover the awesome works of Alan Turing.


Issue 2

Write your own kernel module, learn how Munich switched 15,000 workers to Linux, and fix UEFI boot problems.


Issue 1

The launch issue! Secure your emails with PGP, make delicious beer with BrewPi, and understand how Bitcoin works.