Download Linux Voice issue 12

Issue 12 of Linux Voice is now nine months old, so we’re releasing it under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can share and modify all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source and retain the same license.

Highlights in this issue: why 2015 is the best year yet for Linux; Lennart Poettering on Systemd and flamewars; inside the Electronic Frontier Foundation; build a media center with OpenELEC; understand regular expressions; and get started with assembly language. Plus many more tutorials, features and interviews — 116 pages in total!

Click the image below to download the complete magazine PDF, or scroll on for individual articles. If you prefer ePub, we have hi-res (65MB) and low-res (22MB) versions. And to support Linux Voice and get more content, click here to subscribe from just £38 — includes free access to all back issues!

Full issue (74MB)

Download individual articles:

  • News analysis: PDF
  • Distrohopper – Ubuntu Core, Clonezilla, Sparky GameOver and a look back at Fedora Core 1: PDF
  • Gaming On Linux: PDF
  • Mailserver – your letters: PDF
  • LUGs on tour: PDF
  • Feature: Why 2015 is the year of Linux: PDF
  • Feature: Astro Pi – Raspberry Pis in space: PDF
  • Feature: Inside the Electronic Frontier Foundation: PDF
  • Feature: A visit to the Raspberry Pi factory: PDF
  • Feature: Malware for Linux: PDF
  • FAQ: Ubuntu Core: PDF
  • Interview: Lennart Poettering: PDF
  • Review: USB DAC 128 Mk II from Henry Audio: PDF
  • Review: Fedora 21: PDF
  • Review: Seafile 4: PDF
  • Review: Kodi 14 Helix: PDF
  • Review: VMware Player 7: PDF
  • Book Reviews: The Developer’s Code, This Machine Kills Secrets, Free as in Freedom and Tmux: Productive Mouse-Free Development: PDF
  • Group test: Remote desktop clients: PDF
  • Core technology: The Internet Protocol: PDF
  • FOSSpicks: PDF
  • Tutorial: Voice Recordings with Audacity: PDF
  • Tutorial: Python 3 – build a password checker: PDF
  • Tutorial: Build your own media center with OpenELEC: PDF
  • Tutorial: Master KMail: PDF
  • Tutorial: Work smarter with regular expressions: PDF
  • Tutorial: Unix, Linux and how we got to where we are now: PDF
  • Coding: Arduino – hardware enablement PDF
  • Code Ninja: RESTful APIs: PDF
  • Coding: Get started in assembly language: PDF
  • Masterclass: Secure emails with GPG and Enigmail: PDF
  • /dev/random – final thoughts, musings and reflections: PDF

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