Download Linux Voice issue 4

It’s that time again! Issue 4 of Linux Voice is now nine months old, so we’re releasing it under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can share and modify all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), even for commercial purposes, providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source and retain the same license.

Highlights in this issue: find the best Ubuntu respin; secure your servers; build a Raspberry Pi-powered Mars rover; develop Android applications; and learn how Code Club is inspiring the next generation to become programmers. Plus many more tutorials, features and interviews — 116 pages in total!

Update! Download high-res images ePub (79MB) or low-res images ePub (24MB) version of issue 4. Huge thanks again to Mheureka on our Forums for putting this together.

Click the image below to get the complete magazine PDF, or scroll on for individual articles. And if you like what you see, click here to subscribe from just £38 and get future issues straight to your door or inbox!

Full issue (38MB)

Download individual articles:

  • News/Opinion: PDF
  • Distrohopper: PDF
  • Gaming On Linux: PDF
  • Letters: PDF
  • LUGs on tour: PDF
  • Review: Acer Chromebook C720: PDF
  • Review: Ubuntu 14.04: PDF
  • Review: TBS Matrix: PDF
  • Review: BitScope 10: PDF
  • Book Reviews: PDF
  • Group Test: terminal emulators: PDF
  • Feature: Ubuntu respins, featuring Ultimate Edition, Elementary OS, LinuxLite, Zorin OS, Centrych, Netrunner, Emmabuntüs and Trisquel: PDF
  • Feature: Kano: PDF
  • Feature: Code Club: PDF
  • Feature: SteamOS: PDF
  • Interview: Paul Beech and Jonathan Williamson of Pimoroni: PDF
  • FAQ: LLVM/Clang: PDF
  • Core technology: Understanding processes: PDF
  • Cloud Admin: Handling logs: PDF
  • FOSSPicks: PDF
  • Tutorial: Make your own fonts with BirdFont: PDF
  • Tutorial: Build a Raspberry Pi-powered Mars rover: PDF
  • Tutorial: Monitor woodland creatures: PDF
  • Tutorial: SSH, Apache and Tiger – make your servers super secure: PDF
  • Tutorial: Convert an XP box into a virtual machine with VirtualBox: PDF
  • Coding: John von Neumann, EDVAC, and the IAS machine: PDF
  • Coding: Build your own custom sound chip with an FPGA: PDF
  • Coding: Error detection with Hamming codes and CRCs: PDF
  • Coding: Develop your first Android application: PDF
  • Masterclass: VLC, FFMPEG and Mencoder: PDF
  • /dev/random: PDF

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