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Linux voice issue 4


In issue 5 of Linux Voice we turn attacker and look at the way hackers are exploiting weaknesses in websites. Terrify yourself with how simple it is to execute an SQL injection attack, cower in the the face of cross-site scripting, then laugh in the face of danger because now you know how hackers work, you can beat them.


Take an exclusive first look at the Raspberry Pi Compute module, the new release from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, unearth (probably) the best game of all time (NetHack), peer back in time to the birth of BASIC and examine the benefits of Python 3.


Never wait for your distribution to package software again, with our guide to compiling from source code; build games for kids with Scratch, fix bugs for cash (or maybe just give yourself an incentive to polish up your programming skills) and write your own web search engine to beat Google at its own game. Get all this plus reviews of Mint 17, XMBC, MythTV, tutorials, distros and more. Click the PDF below to see what we’ve crammed into the issue! (Click here to get the source code used in the Android tutorial.)


Issue 5 is making its way to subscribers around the world now, and has just hit newsstands in the UK (WHSmith high street stores, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, McColls/Martin’s). It will be in Barnes and Noble in the USA soon, along with Eason in Ireland and independent newsagents in Canada, Australia and many other countries.


Remember: Linux Voice has 115 pages of goodness and gives 50% of its profits back to the FOSS community. If you like what you see, head to or your local newsagents to grab your copy. And save money and time by getting a subscription!


Linux Voice issue 4 contents
Contents pages (click for PDF)

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