Issue 32 is the last issue of Linux Voice as a stand-alone magazine as we have joined Linux Magazine. This newly merged magazine will bring the best bits of Linux Voice and Linux Magazine together into a single volume. All four of us Linux Voice founders will still be here contributing to the newly merged magazine – you’ll find us in the aptly named Linux Voice section. We’ll continue to write about the things that excite us in the world of open source software and we’ll continue making our popular podcast.

Now that we’re free of the day-to-day work of running the business, we can focus again on great technology. As well as us four, we’re working with Linux Magazine to keep bringing great content to the Linux-using world, and this includes former contributors to Linux Voice.

The first issue of Linux Magazine done in tandem with Linux Voice (issue 193) is on its way to subscribers now and will be available in newsagents from 29th October 2016.

We’re sure you’ve got a lot of questions, and we’ve tried to anticipate the most common ones below.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Linux Voice / Linux Magazine Merge


Linux Voice pledged to share 50% of its profits with free software projects. Will you be doing this in 2016?

Despite our best efforts to raise money for open source projects (and ourselves), we’ve failed to make a profit since the first year. What money there is left in the company Linux Voice Ltd will be used to pay off outstanding bills, so unfortunately, there won’t be any left to split with projects.

Will you continue the Linux Voice podcast?

The podcast will continue as normal. We’ll upload our audio ramblings to roughly every two weeks.

Will Linux Voice still be released under a creative commons license?

All issues of Linux Voice will still flow through to being released under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license nine months after they were published. Linux Magazine releases their issues for free (as in beer) a year after they’re published. You can browse past issues and view articles online at


Linux Magazine has subscription options with and without a DVD. Which one will I get?

Linux Magazine offers two versions of the magazine, with or without the DVD, known as “DVD” or “Standard” subscriptions. As Linux Voice did not regularly include a DVD, your subscription will continue as Standard. However, a free DVD has been included with the first issue so you can see what they are typically like.

How do I upgrade my Linux Magazine subscription to include the DVD?

Your Linux Magazine Standard Print Subscription can easily be upgraded to include the DVD starting with the next issue to be mailed. To upgrade your subscription, please contact

How has my Linux Voice subscription been transferred?

LV subscribers will receive one issue of Linux Magazine for each issue of Linux Voice still due on their subscription.

How will I get access to digital copies of Linux Magazine?

All current LV subscribers will receive an email with login information. This login is valid for the Linux Magazine website and the Linux New Media shop. The digital issues that are part of your subscription will be available to you online with this login. If you did not receive this email, please contact

How will I access digital copies of Linux Voice?

Your subscriber access over for Linux Voice digital copies remains unchanged.

What if I am already a Linux Magazine subscriber?

If you are already a Linux Magazine subscriber, your Linux Magazine subscription will be extended by the number of issues left on your Linux Voice subscription.

If you happen to receive two copies of the magazine, please contact so we can correct the error.

Which Linux Magazine issue will I receive first and when?

The transfer of Linux Voice subscriptions has taken place with Linux Magazine issue #193 / December 2016. This is the equivalent to Linux Voice issue 33. The digital edition of this issue will be made available to subscribers by October 28th. Most print copies have already been mailed, here are approximate arrival dates:

UK / Europe: Oct 29
Australia: Nov 25
North America: Nov 25

What was the last issue of Linux Voice?

Linux Voice 32 was the last issue. It was distributed to subscribers at the end of September 2016.

How will I know when my Linux Magazine subscription expires?
How do I renew my subscription?

If you have paid for your Linux Voice subscription with an automatic renewal over MoonClerk or GoCardless, you don’t need to do anything in order for your subscription to continue.
If you have paid through other methods, including Stripe or PayPal in the Linux Voice Tictail shop, your subscription will not automatically renew. We will inform you by email before your subscription expires so you have the chance to renew without missing any issues.

What is Linux Pro Magazine?

Linux Magazine is known as Linux Pro Magazine in the US and Canada. The editorial content is identical.

If you have further questions regarding your subscription to Linux Voice, please contact


Will I be able to order back issues of Linux Voice to complete my collection?

Yes, the most recent issues of Linux Voice are already available over the Linux New Media shop:

If you would like back issues that are not in the shop, please contact

Who is Linux New Media?

Linux New Media is the publisher of Linux Magazine and other magazines such Ubuntu User, ADMIN, Drupal Watchdog, and Raspberry Pi Geek.

Linux New Media is based in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

Who is Sparkhaus Media?

Sparkhaus Media is a service provider for Linux New Media, covering all countries outside the US and Canada. This arrangement allows us to offer products in more currencies, have faster delivery in Europe, and offer Customer Service in a European time zone. Sparkhaus Media is located in Munich, Germany.

This FAQ will be updated regularly, so check back soon if your question is not answered.