Pimoroni Competition Winners


Back in issue 22 we ran a competition with the wonderful people over at Pimoroni, giving away huge bundles of their Raspberry Pi related goodies.

We hid a number of penguins within the issue – the penguins were on pages 11,17,31,42,44,49,69,89,93 and 98, but there were lots of others too, and we accepted entries that listed pages with any of these penguins.

Here’s the list of winners, chosen at random. We’ve forwarded on the details to Pimoroni, so you should be hearing from them shortly.

Huge thanks to everyone who entered, and to Pimoroni for the booty,

Picade (inc. 8″ screen)
Raspberry Pi 2 + Pibow Coupe

1. Fred Fiene, Canada.
2. Peter Cave, Coventry, UK.
3. Peter Maunder, Cirencester, UK.
4. Arron Gourlay, Corby, UK
5. José González Oliva, Barcelona, Spain

Raspberry Pi 2 + Pibow Coupe and Picade Console

1. Makis Chourdakis, Heraklion, Greece.
2. Peter Nissen, Milton Keynes, UK.
3. Adrien Sirjacques, Ireland.
4. Tony Clay, Sheffield, UK.
5. Thomas Byrne, Hoddesdon, UK.

Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit + Piano HAT, Display-O-Tron HAT, Explorer HAT Pro + Parts Kit and Unicorn HAT

1. Mike Eichler, London, UK.
2. Peter Ruczynski, Reading, UK.
3. Adam Brown, Western Australia
4. Belen Gonzalez, The Netherlands
5. Greg White, Sault Ste Marie, Canada.

Piano HAT, Display-O-Tron HAT, Explorer HAT Pro + Parts Kit and Unicorn HAT

1. Ian Bradby, Richmond, UK.
2. William E. Pflum Jr., Reading, United States
3. Douglas Cooper, West Calder, UK.
4. Tobias Bhend, Aarburg, Switzerland
5. Neal Cox, Keighley, UK.
6. Andrea Keightley, Kettering, UK.
7. Paul Wootton, Reigate, UK.
8. Ian Grant, Christchurch, UK.
9. G. Barnes, Newnham, UK.
10. Cyprian Lam, Elstree, UK.
11. Steve Page, Leighton Buzzard, UK.
12. Roel Janssen, Margraten, The Netherlands
13. Charlie Ogier, Guernsey, Channel Islands
14. Dimitris Liapis, Athens, Greece
15. Jaakko Kulju, Tupos, Finland


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