Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

Title: OggCampers

In this episode: To celebrate OggCamp this weekend, we’ve enlisted the help of Les Pounder, Neil Bothwick and Dan ‘Linux Outlaws’ Lynch for a special recording from Liverpool, England. We talk about the French police force using Ubuntu, HP’s new Chromebook, Nvidia driver shenanigans and the ZTE Open (aka Firefox OS phone). Plus: we’ve all got discoveries to share, challenges to fail at, and your opinions to listen to in the !Open Ballot.

What’s in the show:

  • News:

      It’s OggCamp this weekend in Liverpool! If you’re in the UK, you should go. The French Gendarmerie has deployed 37,000 Ubuntu-based Linux desktops, and plans to deploy 72,000 by next summer, saving the force 40% in total cost of ownership. Ubuntu won’t include Mir in version 13.10, due next week. HP enters the Chromebook market with its low-priced Chromebook 11. And Nvidia has cut working Linux driver features because they didn’t work with Windows.

  • Things we found out in a week:
    • Dan:
      • HootSuite may not be open source, but it’s great at managing your social networks.
    • Ben:
      • Thanks to his work on his new ‘Programming Python on the Raspberry Pi’ book, which he’s writing along with Alex Bradbury, it’s actually very easy to wire up a passive infrared motion sensor to the Pi’s GPIO pins.
    • Mike:
      • Delving into the stats on LinuxLifestyle.com, we had 10 page views from someone purported to be using Windows 98, one from someone using RiscOS and one from someone using an Amiga.
      • The ‘sl’ command reveals a giant ASCII train full of fail.
    • Les:
      • BitBucket is a great alternative to GitHub if you want a private repo for free. Also consider Gitorious.
    • Neil:
      • Connect to, and control, many SSH sessions at once with ClusterSSH.
  • Ad-hoc review section:
    • Les Pounder takes an in-depth look at ZTE’s Open Firefox phone.

  • The Part Where People Ask Us To Do Things:
    • Real results from your challenge for us to try various different distributions. And we accept a new challenge for the next episode.
  • Voice of the Masses: Have the Snowden revelations changed your computing habits?

Presenters: Neil Bothwick, Ben Everard, Dan Lynch, Les Pounder and Mike Saunders.

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Duration: 1:07:00

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Theme Music by Brad Sucks.
Many thanks to DoeES Liverpool for hosting us!


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