Podcast Season 3 Episode 19

Linux Voice at OggCamp 2015

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Title: Live From OggCamp 2015

In this episode: The EU may or may not support Net Neutrality. Theresa May not. GNU HURD 0.7 is out and Apple bans security talks. We’ve got Finds and a Voice of the Masses with real voices from a real audience.

What’s in the show:

  • News:
    • The European Union says it has voted in favour of net neutrality. Others aren’t so sure.Theresa May, in her role as the UK’s Home Secretary, seems to be preparing for the pantomime season. GNU’s (GNU’s Not Unix (Gnu’s Not Unix (…))) Not Unix HURD (Hird (Hurd (Hird (…) of Unix-Replacing Daemons) of Interfaces Representing Depth) of Unix-Replacing Daemons) 0.7 has been released. The Tor project has released its own instant messenger. Apple won’t allow an app that streams security talks from the Chaos Communications Congress.

  • Finds of the Fortnight:
    • From the audience:
      • John the Nice Guy: Sandstorm – it’s like Docker for hosting a web app on your own hosting service.
    • Andrew:
      • If you discover a gene, you get to name that gene (thanks Mark!)
    • Ben:
      • The No Such Thing As A Fish podcast is an endless source of finds.
      • eg. The person who holds the record for surviving the highest number of lightening strikes was consecutively stuck by lightening for the 8th time and attacked by a bear for the 27th time.
    • Andrew Conway:
  • Voice of the Masses Live: Do People Care about Privacy?

(we needed to make a few legibility edits due to not having an audience microphone, and the bells of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral can be heard for the last 20 minutes)

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Conway, Andrew Gregory and Graham Morrison.

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Duration: 48:28

Theme Music by Brad Sucks.
And thanks to Ben Nuttall for the photo.

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