Podcast Season 3 Episode 20


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Title: Practicable Surveillance

In this episode: More epic discussions about privacy, encryption and the Investigatory Powers Bill. Steam Machines are finally on sale and Debian Live is Dead. Linus is quite happy with Linux security, thanks, and there’s an imminent bug hunting session for LibreOffice 5.1. We’ve got an awesome Finds section, a brilliant OggBox and the /r/famous Voice of the Masses.

What’s in the show:

  • News:
  • Finds of the Fortnight:
    • From our #linuxvoice IRC channel on Freenode:
      • <einonm> Last podcast there was a discussion about random data on a USB stick – and someone mentioned that there’s no way of tellign if it’s random data or not… well, there is, and it’s called entropy analysis – you can use it to extract encryption keys that’s placed in a load of pseudo-random data, for example.
      • <Devilment> Could be a Find that most people are aware of, but looping your earbud wires over the top of your ears stops the rubbing sound from being transmitted.
      • <einonm> and the other thing is that on Gnome, if you hold down shift (I think..) and printscreen, then you can select an area to copy, not just the whole thing
      • <TwistedLucidity> MakeMKV *rawks*! That’s my find. The GNU/Linux version may still be proprietary, but it works. Take *THAT* evil DRM that stops me watching what I just bought.
      • <TwistedLucidity> Oh, another find. The rear USB (and ethernet) port on a Thinkpad are on a separate daughter board. So when you drop you lappy and destroy said port (along with the USB cable that was plugged in), it easier to repair.
      • <Burghmuir> A find that might be useful is using Ctrl + R at the start of a command line and then typing the command with a Ctrl + R will auto complete based on the history. This is cumbersome so I use bind ‘”\e[A”:history-search-backward’ to keybind to the up arrow (.bashrc etc). So start typing and then up arrow to get the last command. This has saved me hours over the years.
    • Mike:
      • Manage Docker containers from within Minecraft with Dockercraft.
      • There’s a version of Doom where enemies have PID above their heads and when you kill them they kill off that process.
    • Graham:
      • Replace Firefox with Pale Moon (thanks Simon!)
      • Is there an open source/Cyanogenmod equivalent to the Silent OS running on the new Blackphones?
      • Helm and Oxe are two awesome software synthesizers for Linux.
    • Andrew:
    • Ben:
      • The word for the ‘@’ symbol in Finnish is snail.
      • Standing desks are better for productivity.
  • OggBox
      Huge thanks to Mr MJB for sending in his thoughts. If you’ve got something to say and would like to record yourself saying it, send the Ogg Vorbis file to mike@linuxvoice.com.
  • Voice of the Masses: Are rolling releases the future of distros?

Outro music is called Charon’s Wheel from gear(s) by Ben Regier. He combines his mandolin playing with Ardour, Hydrogen and Audacity. He told us, “I grew up playing bluegrass music, and this album is an attempt to combine that background with some more experimental and electronic music I’ve been listening to lately.”

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Duration: 1:18:25

Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

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    • Mike Saunders
    • Mike Saunders

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