Podcast Season 4 Episode 10


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Title: The Final Countdown

In this episode: Flatpak vs. Snaps. OwnCloud vs. Nextcloud. Oculus vs. Valve. UK vs. Europe. And some stuff about Linux.

What’s in the show:

  • News:
  • Finds of the Fortnight:
    • From our #linuxvoice IRC channel on Freenode:
      • <mavrix> QOwnNotes – a note list and todo manager that sync with OwnCloud.
      • <Ioangogo> Vocal, “A podcast client for the modern desktop.”
    • Ben:
      • Canals have plugs.
      • Get information about block devices with the lsblk command (thanks Michael!)
      • Many of the UK’s digital rights come from European law and may be lost if the UK leaves the EU today.
    • Andrew:
    • Graham:
      • Stream games across your network with Valve’s Steam and SteamOS. It works brilliantly.
      • Add emulated games to your Steam library, and stream them too, with Ice.
    • Mike:
  • Vocalise your Neurons:
      If you want Mike to read out your neurons next time, email your thoughts to mike@linuxvoice.com.
  • Voice of the Masses:

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Duration: 56:40

Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

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    • Ben Everard