Podcast Season 4 Episode 12


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Title: Live from FOSS Talk 2016

In this episode: We’re live from London! We have Lightening News, Finds of the Fortnight and Voice of the Masses. Warning: May contain political references.

What’s in the show:

  • News:
    • The European Community is doing an audit on KeyPass and Apache. The Mozilla Foundation has awarded $585,000 to nine open source projects. Germany launches a prototype fund to pay people to develop open source software and online ad agencies are using your mobile battery status to track users across different websites.

  • Finds of the Fortnight:
    • We have live finds from the audience plus the regular random assortments from Ben, Andrew and Graham.
  • Vocalise your Neurons:
      If you want Mike to read out your neurons next time, email your thoughts to mike@linuxvoice.com.
  • Voice of the Masses:
      We asked the live audience something like, “What was good about old things you’d like to see today, and what was bad you’re glad is gone.”

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and not Mike Saunders. Huge thanks to Joe Ressington for organising FOSS Talk Live.

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Duration: 38:43

Photo provided by John W. Smith. Thanks John!

Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

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