Podcast Season 4 Episode 6


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Title: Gnihilism

In this episode: Microsoft Windows and Canonical’s Ubuntu hold hands. There’s an XScreensaver scandal at Debian. Convergence has nearly converged with reality and WhatsApp is now super-secure. Plus Finds and Vox Populi.

What’s in the show:

  • News:
    • Microsoft and Canonical have create WINE-antimatter by allowing you to ‘apt-get install’ many Ubuntu packages on Windows 10. Debian has got into a debate with the developer of XScreensaver, Jamie Zawinski, who would like Debian to stop shipping his project. Canonical’s long-promised convergence device is now available for pre-order. Linux is now running (unofficially) on Sony’s PlayStation 4, if you’re got an old firmware version and WhatsApp now has full end-to-end encryption.

  • Finds of the Fortnight:
    • From our #linuxvoice IRC channel on Freenode:
      • <Stilvoid> I’ve rediscovered my love for love, as in love2d.org. Oh and I discovered docker-compose v2 which has some nifty new features over v1 :)
      • <Devilment> Just been updating a few RPM-based systems, which use delta-RPMs. Great for saving on bandwidth, but is a tecnology that would have been more useful in the days of dial-up.
      • <einonm> Studio Ghibli of much animation fame have open sourced a big peice of software used for many of their films – OpenToonz. Also my 3yo daughter loved spotting all the penguins in the competition issue a few months ago. Can we have more hidden penguins please? She’s been dissapointed by lack of penguins in the issues since :P
    • Andrew:
      • OpenToonz does indeed look very good.
    • Ben:
      • A new peer-to-peer decentralised shopping system called OpenBazaar.
    • Mike:
      • Putting a space before a command in Bash won’t add it to the command history.
      • Record video to compact cassette – in 1987, thanks to Fisher-Price PXL-2000.
    • Graham:
  • Vocalise your Neurons
      If you want Mike to read out your neurons next time, email your thoughts to mike@linuxvoice.com.
  • Voice of the Masses:

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Duration: 57:20

Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

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