Voice of the Masses: Biggest event/story/project of 2013

We’re coming to the end of what’s been an amazing year for Linux, open source and Free Software. Never have we, as a community, garnered so much coverage and positivity. And for Friday’s podcast, we want to know your thoughts on what has been your major event, story or project from the last 12 months.

There are almost too many to choose between: the continued popularity of $MYDISTRO, Linux winning in Munich, the extent to which we’re all being spied on by our governments, two million Raspberry Pis, lots of Ubuntu stories (both good and bad), monumental crowdfunding campaigns from Canonical and, er, us, the end of Puppy, the beginning of a commercially-backed Cyanogen-mod, XBMC usurping MythTV, Gnome struggling whilst KDE goes from strength to strength (plus a major Qt release with official Android support), and plenty of patent disputes, the rise and rise of Google, and Valve’s release of SteamOS as desktop Linux becomes a games console.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll include your thoughts in this week’s podcast! See you Friday!


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