Voice of the Masses: CHIP vs Pi Zero – which excites you more?

Competition is really hotting up in the cheap single-board computer market. CHIP, “the world’s first nine dollar computer” was successfully crowdfunded earlier this year, and now we have a $5 competitor in the form of the Raspberry Pi Zero.

While the CHIP does more out of the box, thanks to its built-in Wifi, Bluetooth and 4GB of onboard storage, it costs nearly twice as much and some have raised concerns about the long-term pricing strategy. Meanwhile, the Pi Zero benefits from the enormous Raspberry Pi community, but for most non-headless uses it needs extra connectors (HDMI, USB, network), bumping up the price.

So for our next podcast, we want to hear from you: which of these single-board computers excites you more? Have you already reserved a CHIP and/or a Pi Zero (or even have one in your hands)? Will the CHIP be a better option if it builds up a good community, or does the Pi Zero take the lead by its even lower price? Let us know your musings in the comments below!


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