Do you like systemd?

This could turn into a mighty flame fest, but here we go: are you a fan of systemd? If you’ve only heard of it in passing, it’s a collection of integrated programs for booting and managing a Linux installation, replacing the shell scripts and tools that we’ve used for decades. systemd aims to make the boot process faster and simpler, while providing consistency across different distributions, and reducing code duplication. Most major distributions have adopted it – or are in the process of moving to it.

But not everyone likes it. This article argues that its designed is flawed, while the good people at Debian had an extensive discussion covering the pros and cons of systemd and its alternatives. The lead developer of systemd has written a rebuttal to many “myths” on his website.

It’s a complicated topic, but we’d like to hear your thoughts: do you think systemd is a step in the right direction? Is it time to move on from the old init system, or should we pay more attention to the “traditional” Unix way of doing things? Or do you simply not care, and just want a machine that boots and gets stuff done? Let us know in the comments below for our upcoming podcast!


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