Voice of the Masses: Is it time for a new Raspberry Pi?

Without doubt, the Raspberry Pi has been a whopping success and introduced countless people to Linux. But the Model B hardware is looking a bit long in the tooth now, and faster alternatives with more RAM are starting to appear.

Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi Foundation has said that he won’t consider Model C for at least a year, because he doesn’t want to “orphan 2.5 million people who are committed to the current platform”. Fair enough – he’s trying to avoid fragmentation. But is it a good idea to wait so long? Will the current Pi be more than good enough for the next 12 months, or will the competition start to nip at its heels? And what, in your opinion, should be in the Model C when it arrives?

Let us know your thoughts, and we’ll read them out in our next podcast, due to be recorded in the lovely walled city of EboracumYork.


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