Voice of the Masses: Should we pay more attention to Richard Stallman?

Some people dismiss Richard Stallman as a kook, an old hacker who’s out of touch with the computing industry today. Conversely, many of us in the Linux and Free Software community have huge respect for the man, but sometimes have trouble reconciling our computing habits with his hardline views on proprietary software.

In the end, however, RMS has an uncanny knack for being right – even way down the line. His Right to Read short story, for instance, dates back to 1997 and discusses how DRM-like technologies are used to restrict information and prohibit sharing. Here in 2015, this has become a reality on e-Readers.

So should we listen more closely to Richard? Should we hang on every word he says, even if it seems extreme or far-fetched? Or does he have a grand vision for Free Software that’s overly idealistic, and we can’t be attained in the modern world? It’s a broad question, but let us know what you think in the comments below, and we’ll read out the best in our upcoming podcast!


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