Voice of the masses: What can Linux users do to welcome XP users?

About a third of computers on the internet are using Windows XP. For twelve years this operating system has battled on providing many users with a stable computing environment. For many people, Windows XP is the only operating system they’ve ever used. However, in a little over a month, Microsoft will officially stop supporting it. That means no patches for when things go wrong, and no support for future versions of software.

Most machines running XP won’t cope with newer versions of Windows, leaving many users with three options: buy a new computer, keep using an unsupported OS, or switch to an open source OS like Linux.

We’d like as many people as possible to take the third option, so our question this fortnight is, how can we (the Linux community as a whole) try and persuade as many people as possible to make the switch?

Install-fests? Sky writing? Driving slowly round town with a megaphone handing out free DVDs? Working one person at a time with friends and family?


Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll read them out in our up coming podcast.


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