Ask Us Anything

Ben, Mike and Andrew will do a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this Friday, December 13th, at 4pm (GMT).

For people not on our fair isle, that corresponds to 11am in New York, 8am in Los Angeles, 3am in Sydney, 5am in Wellington and 5pm in Berlin.

Head over to at that time and you should find our thread. Anyone can read comments, but if you want to post, you’ll need a Reddit account. These are free and easy to set up, but you may wish to do it ahead of time.

We’ll be on for a while to answer questions about anything.

Obviously, with a global readership, no time is going to be great for everyone. If you can’t make it, have a read through the answers to see if someone else asked the question you’re interested in, but if it’s not there, feel free to contact us through the normal channels.


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