First profit donating scheme: the winners!

Right from the start, our goal at Linux Voice magazine has been to give back to the awesome FOSS community. We get so much great software and content from FOSS developers, and we want to contribute back too. We’ve been doing this by releasing back issues under the Creative Commons, and every year we’ll give 50% of our profits back to the community. As it’s our first year and we’re getting the magazine in newsagents around the world, we don’t have a giant pot of cash to throw around, but we have £3,000 to give back to projects, communities and events.

Back in issue 13 we asked our readers to vote on where the money should go, and by now everyone has had chance to see the magazine. So without further ado, here are the winners!


» 1st place: Scribus – receives £1,000
» 2nd place: Gimp – receives £300
» 3rd place: Inkscape – receives £200

Projects and distros

» 1st place: Open Rights Group – receives £1,000
» 2nd place: Electronic Frontier Foundation – receives £300
» 3rd place: Free Software Foundation – receives £200

Craig Bradney of Scribus: “I’d like to thank all the readers of Linux Voice magazine, as well as all of the users of Scribus out there. These kind of funds go well towards allowing the team to meet up and collaborate on features and bug resolution. The best example is the Libre Graphics Meeting which has just happened in Toronto, which was the 10th anniversary of LGM, where Scribus has been represented every year and we’ve always had a good meeting there. By the time this news hits, out first development version of the 1.5.x series will have been released. We hope the readers enjoy the new development version and all its new features. Thanks again!”

Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group: “We are really grateful to all of the readers who voted for ORG. We’re going to use the money to print our report into surveillance by GCHQ and send copies to every new MP so that they can understand how privacy, free speech and the security of the Internet is being threatened by our own government agencies. This will give us an early start in challenging any new intrusive legislation proposed by the next Government. Thank you!”

So, congratulations to all the winners! We’ll be in touch with them all over the next few days to sort out the donation payments. As regular readers know, we’re planning to migrate to Scribus at Linux Voice, so hopefully the funds can be used to implement features we need.

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