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lv10Windows vs Linux: The ultimate showdown. OK, it’s pretty easy to see which way this is going to go, but it’s always good to look at why one operating system is better than another.

Once we’ve finished boasting about the prowess of Linux, we search out the best light-weight distro, look into the murky world of patent litigation, uncover the secrets of Systemd, play with Google Cardboard, add more forms of input to a Raspberry Pi and program autonomous battle droids.

Tim Bray, creator of XML and privacy campaigner, talks to us about keeping information safe: “We owe Mr Snowden a lot of credit for exposing people to the fact that their governments are doing things of questionable legality, morality and effectiveness.”

In issue 10, we also reveal the details of our profit-sharing scheme where subscribers get to decide which good causes we donate money to.

Take a look at the contents page below for a complete overview of our 116 pages/75,000 words.

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    • Mike Saunders
    • Mike Saunders

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