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Lots of FOSS projects and services don’t get the recognition they deserve, and for Linux Voice issue 13 we want to change that. We’re planning to run a page of small (and free) adverts, where readers can promote open source software they’re developing, or try to find participants for a new project. Maybe you’re desperately on the lookout for an artist, musician or documentation writer – an advert in our magazine will help! Or perhaps you’re a programmer or artist looking to offer your skills to a FOSS project for free.

But it doesn’t have to be about software. Maybe you want to attract more attention for your Linux User Group, or you want to start a new one. Perhaps you’re trying to organise a meetup like a Raspberry Jam. Whatever the case, email with “[Classifieds]” in the subject line, along with:

  • The name of the project
  • A short (10 word) description
  • A website URL
  • A logo (if applicable), or suggested colour scheme
    • Mike Saunders

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