Voice of the Masses: Does Linux need a new mascot?

For almost two decades, Tux has served as the official mascot for the Linux kernel, and is often used to represent GNU/Linux as a whole. We’re all used to his grinning mug and chilled-out posture, but is a slightly obese penguin sitting on his rear the best way to represent Linux?

It could be argued that GNU/Linux and FOSS needs something livelier, a mascot or logo that really encapsulates the spirit of freedom and sharing. Something striking that hardware manufacturers can add to product packaging when they support Linux. If you’ve got any ideas, why not fire up mtPaint, upload your work to Imgur, and share it in the comments?

Or perhaps you’re totally content with Tux as he is, and our smiling penguin chum tells the world that we’re not obsessed with marketing and making megabucks. In any case, let us know your thoughts below and we’ll read out the best in our upcoming podcast!


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