Voice of the Masses: How important is open hardware?

Free and open source software has taken hold in virtually every area of computing. We have free operating systems in the form of GNU/Linux and the *BSDs, we have free desktop and server software, and even free mobile platforms like Replicant. But what about open hardware?

Our choices here are extremely limited in comparison. If you want a computer that’s fully free software down to the BIOS, and endorsed by the Free Software Foundation, you’ve only got a handful to choose from. So should we start fighting for more open hardware? Should we be petitioning vendors to release firmware code under FOSS licenses? Or is it a side-issue, and we should stay focused on software?

Let us know your thoughts below (and if you try to fun a fully FOSS setup), and we’ll read out the best comments in our upcoming podcast recording!

    • Mike Saunders

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