Voice of the Masses: Is the Devuan fork a good thing?

There’s been plenty of controversy in the Debian camp recently, with fiery debates about the default init system, resignations from the Technical Committee, and the systemd package maintainer quitting after receiving piles of abuse. Now a gang of “Veteran Unix Admins” has forked the distro: say hello to Devuan.

The idea is to make a version of Debian that respects “Init-Freedom” — in other words, it will offer more choices for PID 1 than just systemd. But is this fork a good thing? Will it help to stop all the arguments in the Debian camp, and provide a distro that people are really calling for? Or is it just a knee-jerk reaction, with no real long-term vision, and it would be better if the “Veteran Unix Admins” worked with package maintainers to reduce dependencies on systemd instead?

Let us know what you think, and we’ll read out the best comments in our next podcast. A podcast which, by the way, could have a very interesting guest presenter…

      • Mike Saunders

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