Voice of the Masses: Is there too much forking in FOSS?

We’re no strangers to forks in the Free Software world. Sometimes they’re vital to spur on development activity (like when X.org forked off from XFree86), and sometimes they just lead to further arguments. A bunch of “veteran Unix admins”, mightily miffed by Debian’s upcoming adoption of systemd, have set up www.debianfork.org (which has already been parodied at forkfedora.org).

So for our next podcast recording, we want to hear from you: is there too much forking in the GNU, Linux and FOSS communities? Are too many forks simply the result of knee-jerk reactions when developers don’t get their way? Or are forks intrinsic to the health of Free Software, and should be encouraged as a “survival of the fittest” approach? Let us know your musings in the comments below!


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