Voice of the Masses: What will Linux look like in 10 years?

The future promises to bring us many things: solar powerered hoverboards, giant underground cities on Mars, and slightly less painful dentistry. But what about in Linux? How do you think our operating system will look like in 10 years? Maybe we’ll all be controlling our Wayland-powered Gnome 18 desktops via eye movement trackers, or perhaps the long-established desktop metaphors will ultimately win and not much will drastically change.

And where will Linux be used? Will we all be running on multi-teraherz dodeca-core Raspberry Pi Model 8s? Will the tablet craze die out and we’ll all return to doing serious work on big beige PCs? Let us know how you think Linux will look a decade from now, and where we’ll be using it, and we’ll read out the best comments in our upcoming podcast recording!


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