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The world is changing, and free software has to change with it. In this, our twelfth issue, we take a look at what 2015 will hold for Linux, and talk to some of the key players from Gnome, KDE and other big-name projects about what they’re looking forward to.

If one thing’s certain in the computing world, it’s that the new year will bring new security challenges, so we take a look at the impact of malware on Linux. We also check out a project by the Rasperry Pi Foundation to put computers in space, and have a peek inside the Electronic Frontier’s Foundation.

You can level-up your Linux skills with our Tutorials section by learning how to build a media centre, tame the most fearsome e-mail client, master regular expressions, build your own hardware with Arduinos, program in assembly language and more.

We also check out the very latest Linux software and print the full interview with Lennart Poettering of Systemd fame.

Take a look at the contents page below for a complete overview of our 116
pages/75,000 words.

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