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Forget proprietary app stores. Linux repositories are crammed full of the best and most creative applications you can find for any operating system. We celebrate a mere 54 of them (plus those uncovered in FOSSPicks, of course) in issue 9.

“Being locked in is just as real in the internet era as it was in the previous software era,” say Tim O’Reilly, in our exhaustive interview with this internet / technology / open source visionary / founder of a publishing empire.

We’ve got a guide to the murky underworld of Linux kernel parameters, a feature on the culture of hardware hacking revolutionaries and a look inside the Gnome Foundation.

Then there’s our tutorials; learn how to use Tox to create super secret peer-to-peer communications, Latex to make beautiful text and our own guide to breaking into Shellshock.

For coding newbies, we’ve got an epic tutorial that creates wonderful fractals with Python, and a look at the birth of the subroutine.

Take a look at the contents page below for a complete overview of our 116 pages/75,000 words.

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