Voice of the Masses: What software combination do you run?

Are Arch users more likely to use Vim? Or are Emacs users more likely to run a tiling window manager? Those are the questions we put to Reddit a few days ago, and the response was tremendous. It even kicked off a good old-fashioned bit of Reddit drama, with Arch users being downvoted en-masse.

Anyway, we’re still really interested to see what kind of overlap there is amongst Linux users, so we wanted to ask our podcast listeners as well. Let us know your answers to the following in the comments, and we will talk about the results in our next podcast, which we plan to record tomorrow.

  1. 1. What distro do you use?
  2. 2. What window manager or desktop?
  3. 3. What text editor?
  4. 4. What email client?
  5. 5. What web browser?
  6. 6. Do you use screen or tmux?

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