Download Linux Voice issue 1 — with audio!

Yes, it’s been nine months since the first issue of Linux Voice hit the newsstands, so we’re making it available under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. In a nutshell: you can modify and share all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), even for commercial purposes, providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source, and retain the same license.

Highlights in this issue: master Vim, understand Systemd, solve word puzzles with Bash and Grep, discover the technology behind Bitcoin, and secure your communications with PGP. Plus many more tutorials, features and interviews — 116 pages in total!

Update! Download high-res images ePub (92MB) or low-res images ePub (28MB) version of issue 1. Huge thanks again to Mheureka on our Forums for putting this together.

Click the image below to get the complete magazine PDF, or scroll on for individual articles in PDF, HTML and audio formats where available (the audio files are great for your car, your commute to work, or just listening by the fire when your eyes are tired from reading!) You can use the HTML versions for making your own content. And if you like what you see, click here to subscribe from just £38 and get future issues straight to your door or inbox!

Full issue (61MB)

Want to listen to the issue? Get it as a single audio file in Ogg format (203MB) or as an MP3 (197MB). (Warning: it’s over 5 hours long)

Or listen to the audio from a podcast/RSS subscription:

 Linux Voice Audio Edition RSS feeds: Ogg Vorbis and MP3.

Download individual articles:

    • Mike Saunders
    • Mike Saunders

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