Download Linux Voice issue 5

Yes, Issue 5 of Linux Voice is now nine months old, so we’re releasing it under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can share and modify all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), even for commercial purposes, providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source and retain the same license.

Highlights in this issue: learn the tricks hackers use, and keep them out; discover why NetHack is the best game ever; write your own Android apps; and get the very latest software releases with out comprehensive guide to compiling from source code. Plus many more tutorials, features and interviews — 116 pages in total!

Click the image below to download the complete magazine PDF, or if you prefer ePub, there are large and small versions. Scroll on for individual articles in PDF, and if you like what you see, click here to subscribe from just £38 and get future issues straight to your door or inbox!

Full issue (60MB)

Download individual articles:

  • News/Opinion: PDF
  • Distrohopper: PDF
  • Gaming On Linux: PDF
  • Letters: PDF
  • Feature: Learn to hack: PDF
  • Feature: NetHack – the best game of all time: PDF
  • Feature: Make money fixing bugs: PDF
  • Feature: Raspberry Pi Compute Module: PDF
  • Interview: LibreOffice developer Michael Meels: PDF
  • Review: XBMC vs MythTV: PDF
  • Review: Linux Mint 17: PDF
  • Review: Micro Python and Pyboard: PDF
  • Review: Apache OpenOffice 4.1: PDF
  • Review: Oxygen XML Editor 16: PDF
  • Book Reviews: No Place To Hide, Head First JavaScript Programming, Brew Your Own British Real Ale and An Astronaut’s Guide to Life On Earth: PDF
  • Group test: RSS aggregators: PDF
  • Sysadmin: Logstash: PDF
  • Core technology: Pipes and shell scripting: PDF
  • FOSSPicks: PDF
  • Tutorial: Performance benchmarking: PDF
  • Tutorial: Makes games with a Pibrella and Scratch: PDF
  • Tutorial: Office migration – printing and email: PDF
  • Tutorial: Compiling programs from source code: PDF
  • Coding: BASIC – the language that started a revolution: PDF
  • Coding: Build a custom partitioning tool with PyParted: PDF
  • Coding: Update your code for Python 3: PDF
  • Coding: Improve your Android application: PDF
  • Masterclass: Inside the world of Git and GitHub: PDF
  • /dev/random: PDF
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